Make any part of your text interactive.

Compose engaging content across the curriculum using our dynamic editor.

all-in-one editor

Compose engaging content by simply adding sliders, dropdowns, text boxes, equations, plots, tables and all kinds of media without writing a single line of code.

time saver

Save time by turning your content into a graded quiz or practice assignment quickly, before sharing it with the whole class or with selected students.

project-based learning

Students can create interactive projects by making fun-filled calculators, adding plots and other dynamic elements to their work.

computational thinking

Incorporate computational thinking across all subjects by easily implementing abstraction, pattern recognition, decomposition and algorithmic thinking.


Make the content interactive with the help of dynamic input fields, functions and expressions.


Collect and analyze responses for any dynamic field in the content in the form of a quiz.


Share your dyno publicly with other users, privately with select people or with your entire class.


Showcase your dynos in the gallery and save time by building on other dynos shared publicly.